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How Should We Take Care of the Plants at Home in the Winter Season?

How Should We Take Care of the Plants at Home in the Winter Season?

First, review all your houseplants. Are there any physiological changes in your plant? Check all changes.

Your houseplants can be affected by the cold just like us. For this reason, first of all, put your plant, which is not resistant to cold, in your warmer room.

Take your plants that are sensitive to the cold in front of the glass, on your balcony or terrace, into your home, in your winter garden or in your garden greenhouse. If you have plants such as lemon, coral, geranium, begonia, bougainvillea…… you can take them indoors.

Since your room temperature (heater, stove…) will increase due to winter, your plants will also be affected by this temperature.

No matter which plant you have, heater, stove…. Do not place near heaters such as Your plant, which gets too hot, will deteriorate.

Do not neglect the care of your plants that have deteriorated due to external influences. Cut the leaves if they are dry, clean them if the flowers have fallen, these processes will relax your plant and allow it to give leaves and flowers faster.

If you have seen yellowing and softening in the stem part of your plant, be sure to check your watering intervals. Generally, plants do not want much water in winter. The soil must be checked and watered.

If your plants still show yellowing and shedding even though you regularly irrigate, prune and clean your plants, it means that there is a soil vitamin deficiency. Take NPK liquid or powder houseplant specific fertilizers and give your plant a fertilizer every 10-15 days.

As much as possible, be careful not to change pots during the winter season. Because plants are in the dormant period during this period and work less. But if your plant's pot is broken, its pot has started to become small, if the soil of your plant can't get the water you give it…. You can change the pot. Always change the current pot to the 1 size larger pot.

Some plants need more sunlight during this period. Put your plants like this in front of the window as much as possible. Especially houseplants such as orchids and violets love sunlight.

Provide moisture to your leafy plants by spraying water on their leaves once a week. This process relaxes your plant and encourages its healthy development.

Don't forget! Each plant has different heat, temperature and water needs. These differences should be known and plants should be looked at accordingly.


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