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How is Terrace Decoration Made? Inspirational Ideas

How is Terrace Decoration Made? Inspirational Ideas

Terrace decoration is a process that requires careful planning and a lot of time. Terraces are areas where you can make great contributions to your stylish and eye-catching home decoration. Terrace decoration, which you can see as an extension of your interior design, gives you the chance to show your personal tastes and creativity, such as living room or bedroom design.

Things to Consider in Terrace Decoration

Taking a look at the design trends that offer you a wide variety of design ideas will make terrace decoration much easier. However, there are many points to consider before applying these ideas.


The first thing you should pay attention to when you start decorating your terrace is the flooring. It is very important to thoroughly research the flooring materials to be used. Depending on the climate of where you live and the location of your terrace, you can choose wood, stone and ceramic flooring. But you can run into big problems if you use the wrong flooring.

For example, using wood flooring on a terrace where it rains often can cause the wood to absorb water and cause parts of the flooring to come apart. On the other hand, properly placed stone pavements withstand all conditions and require very little maintenance.

Whatever material you use, be sure to add enough and quality drains to effectively drain rainwater.


The key element in a terrace design is the furniture you choose. Furniture is also the most important and decisive part of a decoration. You need comfortable chairs to sit on, coffee tables to put things on, or table sets to eat. But the aesthetic and stylish design of these furniture will form the cornerstones of the attractiveness of your terrace as a whole.

How the furniture looks, how it is structured and arranged is very important. The most popular outdoor furniture materials are wrought iron, plastic, aluminum, rattan and natural wood. Wooden furniture is usually more expensive, but they add intimacy and an authentic feel to the decoration. Plastic furniture is resistant to all conditions, but their appearance may be of poor quality. Rattan and aluminum are more delicate materials and should not be left outside in bad weather conditions.

Size of Your Terrace
For whatever purpose you will use your terrace, you should consider its size while decorating. Even if you have a very large area, you can make your terrace look very small and crowded with rough and misplaced furniture. There should be enough space for your family and guests to roam comfortably on the terrace, dining table and chairs, sun shade and barbecue. . Choose furniture that is as stylish, space-saving and multifunctional as possible to make the most of the available space. Folding tables and chairs are ideal for small terrace decoration. The largest piece should be the seating group; other decorative items should be small.

Shades and Heaters

Terraces are windier, hotter or colder than indoors, as the surrounding buildings do not have protection. It is impossible to stay on your terrace without a canopy on hot and sunny days of summer. Likewise, you should have enough number and size of heaters to enjoy the fresh air on your terrace on cold winter days or to enjoy a barbecue in the evening.

4 Inspiring Terrace Decorations

Bohemian Style
This terrace decoration style, which is dominated by earth tones and organic materials such as straw, wood and linen, creates an ideal environment for pleasant evenings to be spent in the breeze of summer evenings. Decorations swaying in the wind and a table close to the floor reflect the purely bohemian style.

Botanical Garden Style

The serenity and energy emanating from lush plants, combined with fine furniture, creates an elegant decoration. Such an area that you will build in one corner of your terrace will be waiting for you to relax and sip your coffee.

Modern and Simple

The terraces, decorated without heavy furniture, reflect today's minimalism and modernity. This decoration, which is perfect for welcoming your guests to fresh air and drinking afternoon tea, is heartwarming and spacious. This simple decoration, which highlights the fine work on the balustrades, is a good example for those who love modernity and simplicity in the interior.

Small But Spacious

Your terrace does not have to be tens of square meters. Most of the buildings in crowded city layouts do not even have balconies. For this reason, you should use what you have in the best way. The natural colors that you will complete with a wooden table and chair that create a warm environment will not only make your space look large, but also will not tire your eyes in a small space.


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