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Home Rental Guide: What Should Be Considered?

Home Rental Guide: What Should Be Considered?

If you are going to rent a house for the first time or if you do not want to experience the problems you have experienced in your previous house rental processes, be sure to check out the house rental guide we have prepared for you!

Details to Consider When Looking for a House to Rent
Before you start looking for a house to rent, first decide what you want. Searching for houses with different features in more than one neighborhood at the same time will be both tiring and complicate the process of renting a house.

Consider your daily life, habits and the location of your business and decide on one or two neighborhoods. Then, choose a few options for yourself, such as the width of the house, the number of rooms, and the age, and start the search.

In order to contribute to your budget and reduce costs, you can only consider apartment rental options by owner. However, if you want to find the house you are looking for easily, it will be much more practical and advantageous to carry out the rental house search process with a real estate agent.

Whatever you decide, try to make sure that the landlord and real estate agent are trustworthy. If you are renting the house from the owner, check the land registry records. Demand that the person with whom you make the contract prove their competence over the property. If you are going to rent a house through a realtor, choose corporate real estate consultants who have been doing this job for years. During the rental phase, meet the landlord and sign the contract with the landlord.

What should be considered when renting a house?
You know what kind of house you want to rent. You have several options at your disposal as well. Now it's time to decide. However, be sure to check these situations beforehand. Here are the most important points that those who want to rent a house should pay attention to:

- Examine every detail as you tour the house. Check the condition of fixtures such as combi boilers, shower cabins, kitchen cabinets, windows. Examine whether there is moisture in the house and whether the rooms receive sunlight. Before you rent the house, see the situations that will make you unhappy or cost you later, and make your decision by taking all these into account.

- If the house needs paint or minor renovations, let the real estate agent or landlord know. Find out who will bear the costs.

-Don't forget to ask not only the rent or deposit costs, but also other expenses such as the monthly fee of the apartment.

-Check how safe the house you will rent is. For example, make sure that a downstairs apartment has bars on the balconies or windows.

-Measure each room. Don't just take a look. Do not have to give up your belongings after making sure that the width of the rooms is sufficient for the dimensions of the items you will use.

- Investigate whether the apartment is safe against unexpected situations such as earthquake and fire.

-Sign a residential lease agreement and carefully review all clauses of the agreement. First, check that both your own name and the name of the host are spelled correctly. Pay special attention to issues such as the duration of the house rental agreement, the date from which the rent will start to be paid, the deposit price and conditions, the rate of increase that will occur for the next year and clarify these situations. Otherwise, you may encounter an unexpected increase in the next year or you may suddenly have to leave the house.


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