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Herbal Teas to Warm Your Heart in Winter

Herbal Teas to Warm Your Heart in Winter

In these days when we are about to enter the winter months, many of us have started to search for recipes for herbal teas that will both warm us up in cold weather and increase our resistance against bacteria and viruses. If you want to take our precautions before the disease knocks on our door, and protect ourselves by drinking healing herbal teas, we have listed these useful and delicious teas for you.

Linden is one of the most well-known herbs that comes to mind when it comes to herbal tea and is one of the drinks that our mothers often prepared when we were little. Linden, which is one of the frequently preferred herbal teas and loved by almost everyone; It is frequently used in the treatment of common winter diseases such as colds, flu and cough. You can also benefit from the steam of linden tea to relieve nasal congestion.

Mint and Lemon

Maybe it doesn't exactly fall into the category of herbal tea, but we couldn't help adding mint lemon to our list, a beverage whose positive effects have been known for years. Although mint and lemon is a rich mixture of vitamin C, it is good for many ailments such as colds, nausea, menstrual pain, and it also has a fever-reducing effect. We recommend this healing drink, which is very useful for the immune system, to everyone.

Green Tea

Green tea, which is a plant rich in antioxidants, has been one of the research subjects of science for many years with its properties. It has recently become one of the most frequently consumed herbal teas with its positive effects such as preventing cancer, improving memory, regulating metabolism and beautifying the skin. You can also safely drink green tea to stay fit throughout the day, thanks to the caffeine it contains.


Rosehip, which is a vitamin C store, is not only an indispensable plant for metabolism. It also protects your body against infections and colds. It is very effective because the fruit acids in it are good for constipation. In addition, rosehip, which is very beneficial for the respiratory system and is good for asthma, will be a herbal tea that you will easily prefer.


Hibiscus, which we have been hearing about recently, is a plant rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It is also possible to challenge ailments such as colds, flu and fever with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also important information that hibiscus tea acts as a sedative and relaxes the muscles. Thanks to its soothing properties, you can enjoy hibiscus tea after a stressful day.


Although echinacea is not as popular as the other herbs on our list, we did not want to deprive you of its benefits and taste. It is good for flu infections, colds and upper respiratory tract diseases that are frequently encountered in winter. In addition to strengthening the immune system, it is known to relieve pain caused by diseases. Do not forget to add this delicious tea to your recipes.

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