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Happiness at Home: Hygge Home Decoration

Happiness at Home: Hygge Home Decoration

The secret of a happy life is a mystery that is difficult for some and easy for others. The Danes have a lifestyle suggestion for this mystery: Hygge.

This philosophy of life, called hygge, is also applied in our homes, which are our living spaces. Since living spaces are areas where you can relax and find peace, it is more than worth trying to reflect some happy life suggestions to your homes, isn't it?

Living with the Hygge Philosophy of Life

Hygge in short; It means watching movies with a hot coffee, greeting nature by walking in the rain, listening to music after a tiring day, a dinner with your friends, lying in a hammock with your lover or spouse, reading a book, or even making chocolate chip cookies. Well; suggests living in the moment and extracting happiness from these moments.

The hygge lifestyle encompasses most things that give a feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort, such as candles, fireplaces, soft blankets, and heart-warming hot drinks. Therefore, although it may seem like a lifestyle specific to the winter season, it is actually a philosophy that can always be applied.

Hygge Home Decoration

Creating plain and simple living spaces is a prerequisite. Balancing the warmth of wood with pastel tones is one of the main elements of creating spacious living spaces. Scandinavian-style furniture, accessories with pastel tones, rugs thrown on top of each other, scented candles, plush covers and lush plants are also indispensable for hygge.

It is possible to bring this simple code of happiness that comes from comfort to life in home decoration, from lighting to furniture and the colors used. According to this philosophy, those who aim to be happy with small things can have hygge home decoration with small touches.

1. Prefer a Neutral Color Palette

If you want to decorate your home according to the hygge style, you should definitely stay away from dominant colors. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that each piece you add to your decoration creates a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in neutral tones. The reason why neutral tones are preferred is that these soft and pastel colors have a relaxing effect on people. In this direction, when choosing your furniture, you can choose plain and neutral colors such as cream, gray, and white.

2. Decorate With Candles

Candles often evoke a relaxing, calm, perhaps romantic atmosphere in people. Therefore, candles are very suitable for the hygge lifestyle. A few candles that you will add to the bedroom or living room decoration will help create a friendly and warm atmosphere.

3. Hygge Decoration with Warm Textiles
Plush animal skins, soft blankets, very thick knits… If hygge is involved, textiles have a big place in home decor. With a blanket that you can place on comfortable armchairs and plain berjer models, you will both warm up when you are cold while watching movies or reading a book in winter and autumn days, and you will reflect the hygge lifestyle to your home. Artificial skins will also look aesthetically pleasing on table chairs.

4. Comfortable Corners for Bookworms

As we mentioned at the beginning of the content, hyggekrog in Danish means a comfortable reading corner. Therefore, we mentioned that you may have applied a hygge lifestyle without realizing it.
In terms of hygge home decoration, a reading corner is also a must. You can enjoy the peaceful home environment while sipping your hot drink in the reading corner, which you will create with furniture such as a soft-cushioned wing chair and sofa in front of the window.

5. Brighter Environments

Suggested wall color to create a brighter environment; White. However, you are entitled to some flexibility here. Because the Danes spend 300 days of 365 days in a dark and dim environment, they need the feeling of freshness that white adds to the environment.
For this reason, you can act more boldly on the subject of colors. You can paint your walls in pastel tones or even green. As long as you can create an environment that makes you happy. In addition to the wall color for bright environments, using light-colored tulle curtains and simple lighting products that illuminate the rooms sufficiently also contribute to creating a spacious atmosphere.

6. Peaceful and Serene Dining Area

Think about it; A big table where you can dine with your family, friends and loved ones, plush animal skins thrown on their chairs, and local lighting that makes the atmosphere even more pleasant... Who could be unhappy in such an environment?

You can choose a simple wooden dining table and comfortable chairs to create peaceful and serene dining areas. You can use scented or unscented candles, and place plants and flowers to add a cozy and warm decor to the table. The important thing is the pleasant conversations you will have with your loved ones at that table, precious moments and the feeling of happiness.

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