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Get the Package Special Like Your Gift! DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

Get the Package Special Like Your Gift! DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

Gifts are tangible proofs of how much you care for your loved ones. When it comes to Christmas gifts, it is also one of the shortest ways to reflect beautiful New Year's wishes to the person in front of you. We can guess that you love both receiving and giving gifts. Of course, it is just as important that your carefully chosen gift is carefully packaged with your handiwork. So now, let's explain how to make Christmas gift packages and help you give a special gift!

How to Gift Wrap?

It is essential to prepare a gift package in order to both make the gift you receive more protected and give it a stylish look. So, what are the gift wrapping techniques? This question may scare you; But don't worry, you can pack your gifts with very simple steps and helpful products.

After receiving your gift, you should buy a suitable box for it. In addition, the person you receive the gift can use this box at home or at work, so you will be giving him 2 gifts! After you put your gift in the box, you should cover it with gift wrap paper and finally go to the gift wrap decoration process.

Suggestions for Those Who Want to Make a Colorful and Attractive Package

Maybe the gift you are going to give is a surprising choice, maybe you want to reflect the Christmas atmosphere on your gift package. So let us offer you two suggestions for these situations:

Gift Package with LED Strip Lighting

When it comes to the spirit of the New Year, it is possible to see Christmas decorations everywhere! Well, why not include them in your gift? After covering your gift with gift wrapping paper, you can wrap the thin LED strip between the Christmas lights on it and make an extraordinary packaging.

Gift Wrap with Watercolor

A gift wrapping paper you made yourself… What more! You can draw shapes with the help of watercolor after you get a plain colored, dye-permeable paper and you can make the packaging with this paper. If you think you are not good at drawing, you can also draw geometric shapes on paper. The goal is to be original!

Suggestions for Those Who Can't Give Up on Naturalness

“The effect of nature is not in anything!” If you are one of those who think, you can package the gift you receive in a natural way. Moreover, if you wish, you can increase the emphasis of naturalness by choosing a wooden box in which you will put your gift. Here are two suggestions you can use:

Gift Wrap with Tree Branches and Cones

After packing your box with kraft paper, you can stick tree branches and cones on it with silicone and decorate it. If the cones are too big to be glued, you can get help from jute rope.

Gift Wrap with Jute Rope

If you like minimalism and like extra simplicity, you can choose to decorate with jute rope, also known as straw rope. You can wrap jute rope on the packaging made with brown kraft paper.

Paper Bag Gift Package

If you want the gift you will give on special occasions to have a simple but stylish look, you can get help from the idea of ​​making a gift package from paper bags. After you put your gift in the paper bag, you can close your package with tape or staples. Finally, you can make your gift package more active by sticking a small note or ornament on the package. By the way, if the gift you put in the paper bag is something that can break, we recommend that you make your gift more protected with a box.

Suggestions for Those Who Want to Make a Personalized Package

You have received a special gift for everyone. Well, why not personalized gift packages? By making special gift packages for your loved ones, you can show them how much you care once again!

Gift Wrap with Photo

After packaging with a paper with the pattern you want, you can use glue to stick a photo of you and the person you are giving the gift together on the package. Here, you should be careful that the paper you choose does not leave the photograph in the background.

Gift Wrap with Names

The gift box was beautifully packaged; So far everything is normal. Now, you have to take another gift wrapping paper and cut out the letters of the person's name one by one from that paper. Then you can stick it on the package with an adhesive. In the meantime, you should pay attention to the contrast between the colors and patterns of the paper you will use for the letters and the main gift wrapping paper.


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