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Feng Shui Living Room Decoration Tips

Feng Shui Living Room Decoration Tips

When it comes to home decoration, Feng Shui comes to mind first for years. But what is this Feng shui? And how to make feng shui home decoration?

There is energy in every part of the colors, numbers, things, and nature. Feng shui is a far eastern philosophy. Creating positive energy in the home is called feng shui, using the dimensions of colors, the direction of air, the direction of light and the objects in any area. According to this philosophy, directions, the angle of incidence of light and the colors of the furniture have their own energy. By using these energies correctly, full positive energy can be obtained in the environment.

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According to Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang are energies that complement each other. While Yin represents the female, calm, night and negativity; Yang symbolizes man, being active, day and positivity. It is also necessary to pay attention to the colors and shapes we choose to balance Yin and Yang in our home. The angular shapes represent Yang, while the oval and round shapes represent Yin. So if you are using a square coffee table, you can complete the top with a round object to balance the energy.


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Feng Shui, based on the principle that the area we live in is compatible with nature, tells us many rules that we should and should not do in home decoration. In order to apply this trend in our home, we need some easy steps:

1- Get Rid of All Your Unnecessary Things

We need to start to redecorate rooms for positive energy in our homes by reducing the items. It is easy to create space in a spacious house, but it is much more difficult to create space in small houses. For this, it is necessary to get rid of things. Throw unnecessary items so that positive energy can circulate comfortably in your homes, make your home spacious and open.

2. Making The Right Lighting With Natural Light

Lighting is important. In modern home decorations, it is necessary to use correct lighting with natural colors. It is necessary to illuminate the rooms so that they are neither too bright nor too dark, with lights close to daylight color. Also, let the light enter the house in daylight time.

Gold Middle Eastern Style Chandelier Small Round

3. Getting More Air Into The Houses

Whether it is winter or summer, open the windows and let more air into the house. If your house is located in the industrial area, you can buy an air purifier for your house to clean the air. You can also use a salt lamp instead. The salt lamp has effects such as air purification and positive energizing.

4. Apply The Idea of ​​Soft House

The name given to home decorations where mostly soft items are used is the soft home decoration style. Add soft blankets, pillows on the seats put soft-faced cushions on the floor.

Gold and Marble Olly Coffee Table

5. Use Positive Energy Colors

Red, yellow, orange, purple and blue. Use positive energetic colors in your rooms on furniture and walls.

blue sofa

green sofa

6. Music and Plants

Make space for plants in your home. Natural plants are very good for appearance and oxygen. Music is also good for the soul, use refreshing music.

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