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2021 Decoration Trends We Expect to See

2021 Decoration Trends We Expect to See

2020 has been a difficult year that affects all of us, and with so many changes and uncertainties in our lives right now, it can be difficult to make long-term plans. Our way of life has changed dramatically, so changes are also occurring in the way we design, decorate, and use our homes. Let's explore some of the decoration trends that we can expect to see more of as we enter 2021 towards the end of this long year!

Grandmillenial Style

If we need to talk about old fashioned crafts; Generation Y seems to be tired of the same spaces, white-on-white interiors and the pressure of being 'modern' and instead seek a way to revive traditional styles. Flowers, gingham prints, puffy sleeves and ruffles, just like on the catwalk; In home decoration, micro flowers, wicker and reed furniture, antiques, canopies and wallpapers have returned to our lives thanks to the new trend known as the Grandmillennial style.

Vintage and Curvy Furniture

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Curved furniture with rounded shapes, vintage inspirations and Art Deco is expected to become more popular in 2021. A strong new interior decoration trend for 2021 is inspired by the Art Deco style and the vintage world. In this style, the furniture trend is curvy and enveloping.

Natural Materials

Natural materials continue to be very trendy in interior design for 2021. Natural materials such as rattan are more popular for a while nowadays as they are. However, we can expect these to appear in a new way in interior design. In decoration, these materials strengthen the relationship between humanity and nature.

Afro Decor Trend

The Afro Decor trend will appear more and more in 2021 through patterns, materials and colors. We can say that major decoration brands for 2021 collections will be inspired by this. Juju Hats are quite trendy for decorating walls. Originally the Juju Hats are ceremonial crowns of great cultural significance for the Bamileke people of Cameroon. In the future, we can expect new African-inspired design collections with capsule collections made with local designers.

New Nordic Style

Scandinavian style reinvents itself! In 2021, the trend is towards renewal. Scandinavian minimalist decoration is slowly disappearing. With the revival of the Scandinavian style, it is getting less and less minimalist. The new Scandinavian style will reveal natural textures, materials and colors.

Maximalist Furniture

Maximalism continues its effects in 2021. Shaped furniture with rounded curves and surprisingly strong bold colors create a maximalist decor style in the living room.

Yellow Tones

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Mustard yellow and intense yellows are among the colors expected to be a trend in 2021 decoration. From vitamin yellow to mustard-lemon yellow, all shades of yellow are the highlights for 2021 decoration.

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