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Decoration Tips for Small Bathrooms

Decoration Tips for Small Bathrooms

The size of the rooms in your house varies depending on the number of people spending time in that room and the activities performed. Bathrooms are usually small. If your bathroom is quite small, it is necessary to pay attention to many important details while arranging this area. We know that a properly organized small bathroom can be much more functional and comfortable than a large, incorrectly arranged bathroom. Tips that you can get help in decorating the bathroom can help you use this room more effectively. In this article, we shared tips on how to turn the small bathroom into a functional space.

1- Big Mirror

Wide and large mirrors are an effective way to create a width illusion in small spaces. If you prefer the mirror you will use among large models, you can get a more spacious bathroom. However, this mirror can reflect more light in the room, allowing you to capture a brighter atmosphere.

2- Prefer Monochrome Colors

A minimal decoration can be created by choosing decoration elements such as tiles and stone surfaces, bathroom textiles, and accessories from different shades of one color that match each other. With this monochromatic harmony, you can avoid creating eye-catching details in the small bathroom. For example, you can catch a simple and elegant atmosphere in the bathroom, where you will mainly use different shades of gray.

3- Tiles

By choosing light-colored tiles on the walls of the bathroom, you can make this small environment look wider than it is. Especially bright white tiles, which reflect lots of light, can be quite suitable for this job. In addition, you can extend the ceiling by choosing the tile in the form of a thin long rectangle.

4- Create Extra Space

With the useful areas, you create in the small bathroom, you can store the items in the bathroom much more effectively. You can get help from functional wall niches, open and hidden shelving systems. So you can make the area as effectively as possible. We would like to remind you that placing bottled products such as shampoo, shower gel in the niches on the bathroom walls is an extremely modern decoration trend.

5- Expand Sink Countertop

Double sink bathroom countertops are very useful for crowded families, but small bathrooms may not have enough space to accommodate double sink benches. Instead, bathroom stalls that are designed longer than normal can provide extra space. Thanks to the large area obtained with a long bench, two people can be easily prepared in front of the mirror, and bathroom items and decorative products can be placed in this area.

6- Shower Cabin

We recommend that you prefer a transparent glass shower cabin instead of a frosted glass shower or shower curtain in a small bathroom. In this way, you do not divide the small area with opaque, dark materials and you can make the area look spacious and bright. In this way, you will achieve a much more modern and minimal environment and increase the light in the environment.

7- White Bathrooms

Sometimes it can be described as boring, but a bathroom that is decorated entirely in white color makes this small area larger and brighter than it is. Also, you should not forget that decoration styles applied with completely white color are never outdated and timeless choices. You can easily diversify the white decoration with interesting and soft details such as marble washbasin countertops, light-colored cabinet doors, tiles in neutral tones.

8- Include More Mirrors

The mirrors reflect the light thanks to their reflective properties and help the environments look bigger. Therefore, placing mirrors of various sizes in different parts of the bathroom can provide you with a larger and more spacious room. In addition to the large mirror above the sink, we recommend you to consider the functionality by including different makeup mirrors such as circular makeup mirrors, tiny hand mirrors in the decoration.

9- Use Boxes and Baskets

You can arrange the organization in open shelves, cabinets, and drawers with wicker baskets and boxes. In this way, each item has a certain place and you can prevent the scattering of things quickly.

10- Attic Window

Increasing the amount of natural light is one of the easy ways to make it look bigger and brighter as it has a small area. Attic window is an interesting option that can be preferred when the windows are not enough. If your apartment is convenient, you can try to create a skylight in the bathroom.

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