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Decoration Suggestions for Small Bathrooms

Decoration Suggestions for Small Bathrooms

In small square meter houses, the width of the bathroom is often compromised and a smaller area is allocated here compared to other rooms. However, in fact, the bathroom is one of the most enjoyable places in the house, where you can spend your time with comfort.

If you don't know where to hang the towel because your bathroom is small, it is difficult to take a shower or you keep detergents out of the bathroom, we recommend you to take a look at our suggestions. Thanks to smart solutions for small bathrooms, you don't have to give up on your comfort or even your style. Here are practical solutions for small bathrooms:

Small Bathroom Decoration: Expand Shower Space

The shower area is the most space-consuming area in the bathroom. In this case, although you may want to enjoy the bathtub, you can ask the question 'Which is more useful, a bathtub or a shower cabin?'. Let's say that both of these options are possible for the small bathroom layout. How Does? Let's take a look at the shower cabin and tub usage suggestions for small bathrooms:

If your preference is for the shower cabin, or if you do not want to renovate and change the existing bathroom layout, you can pay attention to some issues. One of the first and perhaps the oldest methods is to use a shower curtain instead of a shower cabin panel.
You can make the bathroom look more spacious by opening the curtain when you are not taking a shower. Even if your bathroom does not have wooden materials, you can use the bathroom area without even using a shower curtain.

You can save space by choosing a quarter shower cabin model instead of square or rectangular shower cabins.

Now let's take a look at the information about small bath tubs.

You can choose a narrow and oval tub model to both use and save space.
Although the tub brings to mind lying in the water, this time you can choose mini tubs. You can both enjoy hot water and easily evaluate the space in your bathroom in these sit-down bathtub models, which can be square or oval.

Catch the Refreshment in the Walls

Unlike the rest of the house, the wall decoration of the bathroom is not changed much. In fact, wall color, pattern and texture make a big difference, especially in small bathrooms. Let's make a change this time and start expanding the bathroom from the walls. Here are the small bathroom decoration suggestions that create the most extraordinary effect:

Let's start with the minimalist bathroom decoration suggestion first: Painting the walls white. White color has an illuminating effect, especially in dark bathrooms. Thanks to the adhesive wall tile or foil, you can make this change without major renovations.

The choice of tiles in a small bathroom is also very important. You can use tiles in light colors such as white, coffee with milk, especially on the floor of showers without tubs. You can also cover the areas where the mirror will reflect light, such as behind the sink or on the side, with light colored tiles.
For a modern and spacious bathroom, you can include large patterns on the walls. Wide and large patterns can add a sense of grandeur to your bathroom.
Another of the modern bathroom decoration ideas is to create a feeling of space through the use of different colors and textures. For example, you can cover the wall behind the toilet with wood, and you can cover the wall right next to it with anthracite ceramics. You can paint the other wall white. Thus, a feeling of space exists between three different colors and textures.

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