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Common Mistakes in House Plant Care in Winter

Common Mistakes in House Plant Care in Winter

In winter, we need extra care in almost everything. Extra moisture for our skin, an extra blanket we put on while we sleep, a thick scarf that we put on our neck before going out… If you have it at home, you know that houseplants need extra care during the winter months, just like us.

We have listed the common mistakes in houseplant care in winter for you. Listen to our suggestions to help your sensitive plants survive the winter more easily:


Two of the most challenging conditions for plants during the winter months are staying in cold air currents and being close to hot radiators. Under these conditions, plants quickly lose moisture in their leaves and often do not survive the winter. What you need to do is very simple, move them to a room temperature area away from windows and radiators. If this is not possible, if you have no alternative but to put them close to the hot combs, you should moisten their leaves with the water you put in a spray bottle several times a week. Keeping the plants together also helps to increase the humidity in their environment and prevents the leaves from becoming dehydrated, remember! You might even consider getting a dehumidifier if the situation is desperate.


One of the most common mistakes made in plant care in winter is watering the plants too much. The thing is, plants don't grow as fast in winter as they do in summer. Therefore, their need for water is also reduced. The method is the same in all seasons, check the soil with your finger, water your plant if it is dry. Watering plants with room temperature water is also one of the details you need to pay attention to. Otherwise, cold water can shock the roots and wither your plant.


One of the challenging conditions for plants in winter is not getting enough light. Plants naturally need more light on darker, shorter days of winter. Not getting the dust on your plant also makes it harder for them. For this, you should not neglect to dust the plants such as rubber with a damp cloth. Cleaning your windows every few weeks will also help plants get better light, remember!

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