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FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY on all brand-new products over £500!
Color Selection According to the Room in Home Decoration

Color Selection According to the Room in Home Decoration

Did you know that colors play an important role in our home, where we spend most of our time? Using the right color in the right room provides peace and tranquility, while the wrong tones can cause stress by making residents more uncomfortable. Red, which has a high energy, evokes passion, excitement and optimism, while it gives happiness when used in the right area, while it can increase the tension of the person when used in the bedroom due to its stimulating effect. In home decoration, while pastel and pale tones are spread over large areas in general, vibrant colors can be used in accessories to balance.


Living Room

In the hall where we spend the most time at home and host our guests, the use of the right color increases positive energy and positively affects the peaceful times.


Study Room

Since we read books, listen to music or perform activities in the living rooms we prefer to use in our time, it is best to turn to pastel colors. The key point in living rooms, where you can easily use pale gray, sky blue or purple tones with a calming effect, is that large items are one tone darker than the walls.



Since the sleep pattern is very effective in the longevity of people, you should stay away from vibrant tones that can increase aggressiveness in the bedroom and turn to pastel tones. You can create a very calm space for yourself by using shades such as beige, white, pale yellow, sand color, which are among the peaceful colors by reducing the nerve, in your room.If these tones seem too light for you, you can add movement with gold colors, which are very popular in the new season.



If you like to use vivid colors in every moment of your life, it means that the kitchen will be the place you have the most fun when furnishing your home. Yellow-orange tones that can be used comfortably in the kitchen will add movement to you and your guests as they increase appetite and give energy. Although you are one of those who like pastel colors more, you can achieve balance by using vivid colors on a certain part of the wall.


Because they are smaller than other rooms, the most ideal colors for bathrooms where vibrant and heavy colors should not be used are blue and white and cream tones that support them with its tones. You can color the white, which is often preferred in bathroom decoration because it gives a sense of hygiene, with accessories consisting of mint green and blue tones, just like in your living room.


Children's room

If you have not lost your inner child and you cannot reflect it to the whole house due to social rules, the nursery will be your savior in this regard. You can prepare a room different from the general of the house by using bright colors, which are observed to increase creativity, in your child's room as you wish.

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