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Coffee Table Styling Tips

Coffee Table Styling Tips

The coffee table is one of the important items that affect the design of the room in the center of the living room. A coffee table is a long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa or upholstered chairs. You can put your drinks, magazines, books and decorative items on it. They are important accessories of your sofas. Therefore, it should be stylish and will suit your furniture. At the same time, the functionality should not be forgotten. Coffee tables with extendable, hidden compartments save lives.

You may be obsessed with household items, especially during these social distancing days at home. You may need durable, beautiful and useful items during your stay at home. Coffee tables, one of the indispensable parts of our living room where we spend the most time at home, are preferred by many people due to their functionality and visuality.

Don't worry about your small living room. Although your living room is small, you can create pleasant designs that suit your taste with the right furniture selection. In this case, the most important thing to be careful about should be the usage place and purpose of your coffee table. If you don't like mediocrity, you can create interesting decoration by choosing interesting designs.

There are a few steps you need to follow regarding these items before reading our coffee table recommendations.



Your coffee table should always glow. Don't let your coffee table get dusty. It doesn't matter how much money or effort you spend on those on a dirty coffee table.


Remember that you will include your coffee table in your Instagram photos. Get a few of these books based on a topic that interests you and place them on your coffee table to look beautiful.


Candles... The more candles, the better! Candles are ideal for creating a friendly atmosphere. Also, if you prefer aromatic and colorful candles, you will increase this effect.


Place colorful accessories. For example, a white vase will instantly change and dynamic the air of your wooden coffee table.


Put flowers on your coffee table. There is no room or coffee table that a beautiful bouquet of flowers cannot beautify. Moreover, fresh flowers will naturally make the air of the room pleasant.

black round coffee table

If your living room has a modern sofa set, you can choose round coffee tables to get a more elegant look.

black and gold round coffee table

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You can make a difference by adding modern and interesting designs to your living room.

gold and white marble coffee table

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Marble patterned coffee tables are the most preferred types since they are compatible with all sofa sets. You can create a stylish living room by paying attention to the harmony of the coffee table you will use in the living room with other items.

white coffee table

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When buying a coffee table, make sure that your seats are suitable for their height and length. The size of your coffee table should be suitable for your sofa and its length should be half of your sofa.

gold and oak coffee table

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If you are going to use a wooden coffee table in your living room, you can have a more durable and less drawn coffee table by choosing coffee tables made of oak, walnut, cherry, plane tree.

black and gold round coffee table

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Glass coffee tables would be a better choice for small living rooms. Since the glass coffee tables reflect the light directly, you can make your living room both bright and spacious.

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