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Coffee Recipes You Can Make at Home

Coffee Recipes You Can Make at Home

We do not give pleasure over the joy of coffee. It is very simple to prepare the foamy, creamy coffees we drink outside, which enchant us with its appearance. Today we enjoy coffee at home. Everything you need to know about coffee recipes, home coffee making is here!

Frappe is a cold type of coffee. It is covered with foam.

To prepare it at home, add soluble coffee, desired amount of sugar and water in a blender and shake it for at least 30 seconds. After shaking, you will get a creamy mixture. Put 1-2 ice cubes at the bottom of a tall glass. The mixture we have obtained by shaking is poured on it. Cold milk is added on top of this mixture. Your frappe is ready.

Latte is the combination of espresso coffee and milk.

Prepare your espresso or instant coffee as you wish. Heat the milk to foam on it, but do not boil it, then put it in a container that you can quickly shake. Quickly shake it all the time. After doing it for a few minutes, foam will be formed. You can also do this with your milk frother. Take the foam with the dessert spoon and put it on the coffee.

One of the easiest types of cold coffees is Ice Latte.

Espresso or instant coffee is put into the shaker. Preferably sugar or syrup can be put in it. If you are using chocolate sauce, use 10 ml. it is enough to use up. On top of that, two cups of milk are added. Finally, ice is added and this mixture is thoroughly mixed and cooled.

Mocha the perfect meeting of chocolate and coffee

1 shot espresso

2 tablespoons of chocolate powder

260 grams of milk

Mix the espresso with the milk and chocolate powder. If you wish, you can serve it by adding whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top.


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