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Christmas Tree at Home: DIY

Christmas Tree at Home: DIY

We have to admit; It's been a very challenging year for all of us, and many of us started the countdown months ago to enter the new year! Yes, it is your right to leave the gloom of this year behind and greet the New Year in a colorful way, by lining up your wishes! When it comes to a colorful New Year celebration, of course, Christmas trees are a must!

But what should you do if you want to decorate your living spaces with alternative Christmas tree ideas? We are starting to list the beautiful Christmas tree DIY suggestions for you. All you have to do is apply your favorite and bring the joy of Christmas to your home!

For Reflection Lovers: Illuminated Christmas Tree from MDF

With MDF, which is a wooden product, it is possible to make your own Christmas tree easily and use it as a light source as well as decoration. The construction of this Christmas tree, which attracts attention with its functionality in Christmas decorations, is quite simple: Cut the sheet into a pine tree, fix its support and stick the LED strips on the back of the tree. When finished with the application, place the board in front of a wall that is not covered by furniture. Even when you enter the new year, you won't want to remove it from your home!

For Rustic Lovers: Christmas Tree from Palette

Those who love rustic prints in home decoration will love this suggestion, we feel. Palettes, which are indispensable for rustic and ecological home decoration, will take their place in your home for the new year. After painting the palette like a pine tree, you can equip it with LED lights and Christmas ornaments to make this beautiful Christmas tree.

For Those Who Want Shine: Christmas Tree From LED Lighting

If there is an indispensable thing among the Christmas decoration materials, it is led lighting. Moreover, it is possible to make a Christmas tree just with them! If there is no space in your home and you want a sparkling decoration, all you need to do for this solution is to place the lighting on the wall in the shape of a pine tree.

For Those Who Think Memories Are The Best Decoration: Christmas Tree from Frames

If you have long had photos that you want to print and include in your home, here is a reason to do so before entering the new year! After hanging the frames to form a pine tree, decorate them with LED cables and place a small Christmas ornament on top. By the way, if you do not want to print new photos, you can also make this idea with photos from your home.

For Those Who Do Not Want a Trace on Their Wall: Christmas Tree from Ornaments

"I want to decorate my house, but when I remove these decorations, I don't want any traces." If you say there is a solution. All you need is double-sided tape and Christmas ornaments. After sticking the double-sided, non-marking tape on your wall in the shape of a pine tree, place the ornaments one by one on these small pieces of tape. If you wish, you can make this decoration idea more pleasant by placing small details at the bottom of the tree.

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