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Choosing the Right Color for Home

Choosing the Right Color for Home

The most effective thing to do for home, which is our most valuable living spaces, to be more peaceful and spacious, is the right color choice we will apply in our rooms. With the right color, the rooms became more spacious and bright, and if you choose the wrong color, the rooms will be gloomy.

The psychological effects of the colors we use in the rooms are known to most people. The most important questions when choosing the color to paint your room are for which purpose the room is used, the facade of the room, and the distance of the ceiling with the floor. We wrote this blog post to guide you in choosing the right color for your room!

If the ceilings are low in your home, it is always preferred to use a tone of paint color, which will make the ceiling higher.

North facade rooms generally need to be painted in lighter colors. Darker colors should be preferred for southern facade rooms.

Living Room

The living room is the resting area where you get rid of all your tiredness. Therefore, colors that do not tire the eyes and provide calmness should be preferred in these spaces. The light shades of blue and green, white, and natural colors help you forget the stress of the day. In addition, if you choose these colors, the room will appear more spacious. Our suggestion to you is not to exaggerate this contrast and create confusion in a calm environment.


The bedrooms should be painted in the most peaceful color for you to experience your most comfortable sleep. Since the choice of dark color will cause tension in your psychology, you should prefer a light color. Green and sky blue are important for meditation and calmness. The light shades of purple are ideal for bedrooms. It is very important that the colors used in the wall and furniture are in harmony. Only in this way can you create the conditions for the most comfortable sleep.

Kids Room

The most energetic room of the house, of course, needs an energizing paint. Warm colors such as red and orange can be used, but dark colors should not be preferred in this room.


Appetizing and energizing colors should be used in these places. You can choose red color with its appetizing effect and yellow color with its ease of digestion. Dark colors should definitely not be preferred here.


Bathrooms should be painted with light shades of all colors. Colors that will make you feel pessimistic should not be chosen. You can create a SPA effect by choosing the light shades of purple, blue, and green for a peaceful bathing pleasure. And of course, do not forget our indispensable color white.

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