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Carpets, which add a nice touch and warmth to your homes, lose their beautiful appearance on the first day if they are not cleaned adequately and correctly. Hair hardening or shedding may occur, and in the long run, your carpet will lose its volume, its texture will deteriorate and it will start to look ugly.

The problem you will encounter when carpet cleaning is not done correctly is not only visual. The dust remaining between the hairs of the carpets goes deep over time and house mites and various bacteria occur. These house mites can cause or trigger a variety of upper respiratory tract conditions, such as allergic rhinitis or asthma.


You can have your carpets professionally cleaned, or in some cases, you can clean them yourself. The most important point you should pay attention to before starting carpet cleaning is to pay attention to the warnings in your carpet's instructions for use and act accordingly. The type, wool and weaving style of your carpet will help you find the appropriate cleaning method.

It is a safe and convenient way to leave carpet cleaning to the professionals. However, before giving it for cleaning, do not forget to specify the type of carpet and convey the warnings written in the instructions for use. Because different types of carpet models such as hand woven carpets, machine carpets, silk carpets, wool carpets and rugs should be cleaned according to their materials. You can clean your carpet carefully at home in accordance with these instructions.


Do not shake or beat your carpet. Protect from sun and moisture.
Protect your carpet from pet toilet waste, acid-containing wastes can cause permanent damage to your carpet.
Intervening immediately on the stains that may occur on your carpet will facilitate the removal of the stain.
Absorb the spilled liquid stains on the carpet with towel paper without wasting time.
Remove the solid stain makers spilled on the carpet with the help of a spoon without wasting time.
If there is a stain left on the surface of your carpet, first try the stain remover on an invisible part of your carpet.
Seek professional help for wine, tea, alcohol, chemicals and similar stains.
Never fold your carpet. When not in use, roll it up and store it horizontally.
From time to time, change the places of heavy items on your carpet or change the direction of your carpet, brushing the traces of the goods with a soft brush and ventilate.
Do not pull loops from your carpet, if there are loops that have come off, cut them from the carpet surface.


Only use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your carpet,
Make sure that your carpet, which you have vacuumed well, is free of all dust.
Pay attention to the weaving direction of the carpet while sweeping.
During cleaning, choose a natural carpet shampoo that does not contain chemicals and bleach.
Try the shampoo you will use on a small, invisible spot on your carpet, just in case.
Take care to clean your carpet with the foam of the shampoo and not to wet it too much.
Do not scrub your carpet with wire or hard nylon brushes. This can cause the hairs to break off and become frayed.
If you are cleaning carpet to remove a specific stain rather than general cleaning, be sure to use the appropriate cleaner.
Press the stained area with the cloth and cleaner. Wiping back and forth may cause the stain to scatter.
If you do not have a vacuum cleaner that absorbs water, remove excess water from your carpet with the help of a sponge or towel.
Try to ventilate your carpets regularly.

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