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Black Home Decoration Tips

Black Home Decoration Tips

It is true that some colors are popular from time to time, but some colors are always in trend! Here, black color, which is one of them and creates a cool reflection of simplicity in your home, is one of the prominent alternatives in home decoration this year. Here are tips for black room designs:

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Black walls, gray or black furniture, black curtains… When all of these come together, a boring image may appear in the area and moreover, your room may appear smaller than it is. Therefore, if you plan to use black on the walls, you can make the area more spacious by applying wall laths and painting the laths in light colors such as white. In addition, it is possible to make the area spacious by placing a fur-like and light-colored carpet, which is one of the trends of the season, on the floors.

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For example, if you prefer black in decoration, we recommend that you include metal products. The reflection of the metal can make the space more spacious. Lighting products, furniture, decorative products… You can use metal details wherever you want.

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Of course, the furniture also helps you with black home decoration. However, as we mentioned before, choosing black on both the furniture and the wall can have a negative effect on the space. For this reason, if you have preferred black color for furniture such as bookshelves and consoles in rooms such as the living room or work area, you can choose your armchairs from energizing and lively colors such as orange and yellow. When it comes to bedrooms, colorful duvet cover sets are your biggest helpers!

You want to prefer black in home decoration, but your room is very small and you are afraid that you will make the space narrow. In this case, you can paint the upper half of the walls black and the lower half a color such as white or light gray. In the meantime, let's not forget that white paintings and large mirrors on the black walls are very successful in making the space more spacious.

Your black decoration application area is not just halls! It is very popular to use black color in the bathroom. Metal framed decorative mirrors and metal detailed appliques are among the products you can choose to make the space more vivid. By the way, you can create a more intimate space by combining black and wood not only in the bathroom but also in every area.

Black color suits the kitchen very well! If you wish, you can choose a completely black kitchen cabinet, or you can choose kitchen cabinets that combine black and white. In line with the width of the space, you can give the black table a chance or you can bring the warmth of the wood to your kitchen.

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But if black sounds too radical to you, you can also opt for gray. You can be sure that you will create a stylish decoration with the final gray and luminous yellow, which are the colors of 2021 Pantone.

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