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Bedroom Colors to Enliven the Decoration

Bedroom Colors to Enliven the Decoration

How the bedrooms, which are perhaps one of the most private areas of our home, where we say hello to the day, are decorated, has a critical importance on sleep quality.
Many details, such as the bedroom colors, the style of the furniture chosen, how the room is illuminated, determine the rest of the day and our mood after waking up.
So, when we consider the healing effects of colors on mood, which colors are better to choose for bedroom decoration? How should you use colors in the selection of furniture in order to improve sleep quality and make you feel more energetic? In our content, which we have prepared as the Atmacha family, the address of style and harmony in homes, we share with you the colors that you can use in bedroom decoration and the effects of these colors on your mood.

How to Choose Bedroom Colors?

If you want to start the day with an energetic and high motivation, instead of being sad and unhappy, you need to consider some basic points when decorating your bedroom.
Although the colors formed by the reflection of light are divided into two separate categories as primary colors and secondary colors, there are numerous color options that you can evaluate when decorating your bedroom.
Before deciding which colors to use in the bedroom decoration, you can build the decoration on a single color or try to use more than one color that is compatible with each other. It can help you make your choice easier. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a color for the bedroom:

The Size of the Bedroom

Perhaps the most important point that determines the choice of both wall and furniture colors in the bedrooms is the size of your bedroom. Having dark walls in small bedrooms will make the room, which is not already very wide, seem even darker and narrower. In addition to this, in small bedrooms, it is recommended that the furniture be preferred in light-colored tones, not dark.

The Amount of Light Entering the Bedroom

The amount of natural light entering the bedroom also stands out as one of the determining factors in color selection. If your room has large windows, you can choose dark colors or use different colors together. On the other hand, if the amount of light entering your bedroom is low, you can make your room look brighter and make a decorative touch with lighting products.

Style of Furniture

The style of the furniture you have chosen for the bedroom is another detail that influences your color decision.
If you prefer classic furniture suitable for the Parisian style, dark colors will be ideal. On the other hand, if you like the touches of minimalism in home decoration, light colors may make you happier.

Ideal Bedroom Colors for Your Home

As we have mentioned before, using the right colors in bedroom decoration is among the critical issues to increase sleep efficiency, to start the day more pleasant and energetic, and to create a stylish atmosphere. So what are the ideal colors for bedrooms?

Energetic and Excited: Yellow

Although it is a color that is mostly preferred in the decorations of children's and teenagers' rooms, yellow stands out among the colors that can be preferred in bedrooms due to its refreshing effect.

Elegant and Assertive: Black

If you want to see an ambiance created by assertive styles in home decoration, you can have this stance when choosing bedroom colors. As it is both useful and opens the doors to a modern look, you can choose black color when choosing furniture, or you can paint the walls of your bedroom in shades such as black or smoked. If you are thinking of painting the walls of your bedroom black, you can choose orange or bright green furniture. 

Simple and Stylish: White

White, a color that crowns its simplicity with elegance, stands out as a color that is preferred especially in small home decorations to make these areas look larger and more spacious. 

Powerful and Sophisticated: Gray

Gray, which is one of the colors that should be preferred in bedrooms with its strong stance, is also a neutral color, creating a perfect harmony with other colors. In this sense, while decorating your bedroom, you can use shades of gray from start to finish, or you can make a color game by blending gray with more vibrant colors.


Gentle and Timeless: Brown

Because it is a color associated with nature, brown is a color tone that is usually seen in places where wooden furniture is preferred. If you want to have a bedroom where you will feel much more relaxed when you enter it, you can use brown by combining it with colors such as beige and cream.



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