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Autumn Decoration: 7 Ideas That Will Be Trend In 2020

Autumn Decoration: 7 Ideas That Will Be Trend In 2020

Even though we leave the hot and sunny summer days behind, the autumn season, which is a completely different beauty, is coming. With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, it's time to spend more time at home and renew our homes a bit with new decor trends. Usually, we can create a new and fresh mood in a room just by making minor changes.

1. Decorating with Dried Leaves

Autumn leaves with their bright colors are an endless resource to decorate your home. Filling a large, minimal vase with branches of some plants is the easiest way to add a warm and natural touch to your home, but you can also explore creative solutions by using the branches in the form of a wreath or in different spiral nozzles. Colors can range from neutral yellows and browns, bright oranges, and even reds. You can opt for similar shades, inspired by the warmth of the pumpkin orange color trend.

2. Hot Caramel and Cinnamon Shades

When we talking about autumn-winter decor, the first thing that comes to mind is warm color tones. Although they are the most trendy colors for home decor in this period, colors such as cinnamon, caramel, and terracotta can actually add a warmer touch to any interior. Don't worry if you don't want to repaint the walls, you can get great results just by replacing cushions and textiles. You can be inspired by the colors you see in nature in autumn for your home.

3. Worn Bricks Are Back

Terracotta tones have become a strong trend, one of the best sizes for walls and decor, bricks are a great option for re-evaluating empty walls. Not only are they beautiful in industrial-style spaces, but they are also excellent alternatives to add a raw eclectic touch to Scandinavian and minimalist interiors.

4. Olive Green Corner Color

Another color we recommend for this autumn-winter season is olive green. With the greens coming back, we can create a different atmosphere by painting the whole place green, but to be honest some greens can be quite cold this season. Considering olive green is the perfect middle ground between greens and warm tones, this makes it a great option for a fall-winter refresh. For example, you could paint the bedhead wall paired with wood and Viennese straw in olive green.

5. Add a Piece of Textile

Want to try something different from the paintings and posters that adorn the walls in your home? You might consider purchasing a handmade textile art to hang alone and making it yourself in a point you see as a focal point. You can also try hanging a bold graphic pattern tapestry to be placed on the wall, not to be used on the floor for a truly original result.

6. A Cozy Atmosphere with Plaids and Tartan Patterns

They are traditional decors that will never go out of style, but they are back as a trend in 2020. If plaids and tartan patterns seem too old style for you; You can consider using white, black, or grayscale ones.

7. Modern Rugs

We are experiencing a renaissance in modern area rugs and rugs are definitely a decoration trend for the next year. Created by nomadic tribes traditionally in Iran, the modern area rugs are inspired by oriental and Islamic design, with a bold decorative pattern that fits perfectly with the maximalist macro trend of this era. The micro decorating trends currently featured in rugs are about replacing traditionally designed carpets to keep them looking old, that is, to a "wiped out design."

Source: Pinterest

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