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Advice for those who will be at home on New Year's Eve

Feast with New Year's Menu

One of the sine qua non of New Year's Eve is the New Year's table where you will sit with your loved ones. If you want your table to be complete, you must first make sure that textile products such as runners and placemats, which will provide the table layout and contribute to the elegance, are complete. Of course, at this stage, you must have determined the number of people you will invite to the house party.


Make Good Memories Thanks to Christmas Games

You had a nice dinner with your family or friends. Now it's time to increase the fun! Of course, one of the best parts of celebrating at home is being able to play games and have fun freely! So, what games can those who do not go out and stay at home play on New Year's Eve?


Spend a Nice Evening with Movies Suitable for the New Year

If you want to spend the New Year in peace with your guests or your nuclear family, how about watching a movie? It is possible to have a pleasant time thanks to the films suitable for this special period of the year. You may want to take a look at the Christmas-themed movies we have selected for you.

Make a Gift Draw

Do not forget to draw gifts among your guests before the New Year's Eve. After twelve o'clock, finding and opening the gift left under your pine tree is one of the sine qua non of New Year's Eve.

If you are the host, maybe you can leave a small surprise for everyone that will be a memory from you. A Christmas cookie, a small notebook or a bracelet, whatever comes to your mind...

Share the Memories That Made 2022 Pleasant For You

Is there anything more enjoyable than sitting at the beautiful table you have set for hours and having a long conversation?

If you want to make the New Year's Eve conversation more special, you can share the moments that make 2022 special for you, your happiest or saddest memories with each other.

Don't Neglect Taking Plenty of Photos

Although we share our happiest moments on social media and use it as an album, I think it is necessary to take more permanent photos on New Year's Eve.

Because printing photos of happy moments is both very nostalgic and very arbitrary. You can even make a beautiful 2023 calendar out of those photos afterwards.

Make the Best of the New Year's Rituals of Abundance

For example, Spaniards and those living in Latin countries eat twelve grapes at exactly 00:00, Danes jump on a chair at midnight, South Africans throw their old household items out the window.

If you believe in such rituals, you can give a chance to a ritual that goes through you on New Year's Eve.

If you believe in such rituals, you can give a chance to a ritual that goes through you on New Year's Eve.

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