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Add Color to Your Home with Pastel Colors

Add Color to Your Home with Pastel Colors

The house, which is a location where peace and comfort are provided at the same time, actually reflects people's styles with decoration choices. So you can get some information about the house owner by looking at the colors of a house.

As you will leave traces of your own style in your home, where you reflect your soul, you should research thoroughly while making decoration choices. In this article, we will explain how to use plain and relaxing pastel tones in decoration.

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Pastel colors, neither vivid nor pale, represent harmony. At the same time, they provide a relaxing atmosphere at home as they are not as dominant as vibrant colors. Of course, this does not mean that the house you use pastel shades will not be eye-catching. On the contrary, you cannot use colors such as blue, red, pink, and green in many colors in the same room. But when you combine pastel shades of these colors, you can create a beautiful combination.

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When making decoration decisions in rooms separated according to some basic needs at home, you should consider its use at home.

In general, pastel colors are used matte and intensive. In addition, you can choose the pastel colors of blue and pink in the kitchen in monochrome in all decoration pieces.

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Yellow, orange tones are generally preferred in living areas such as the living room where daylight is used. However, if you want to contrast with dark colors, dark green, purple or dark blue tones will also give a stylish and modern decoration look in living spaces.

Pastel shades of mustard yellow, which are very popular today, are frequently preferred in bedrooms. Likewise, you can use furniture furnished in pastel colors in a room with white walls.

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Pastel tones that look natural and plain become a decoration product especially compatible with wooden materials. At this point, you can color the wooden product in your home with pastel colors.

Pastel colors that are effective in creating a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere are mostly used with matte textures. For example, in the rooms where you position your furniture such as living room, living area, bedroom, you can choose together with velvet textiles.

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