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A Stylish Home in the New Year

A Stylish Home in the New Year

Now, we spend more time at home, and this brings the desire for difference in home decoration. So, how about renovating your living spaces with the 2021 decoration trends? Here are 2021 interior decoration ideas that will suit your taste and make your home more stylish and attractive:

Minimalist and Industrial Effects

Japanese and Scandinavian-style homes helped the minimalist decoration. In 2020, maximalist houses designed with large-sized items are replaced by minimalist decoration this year. The houses, usually decorated with neutral colors with few and functional items, strengthen the sense of spaciousness.

In addition to minimalism, industrial decoration, which has attracted attention in recent years, especially with stone wallpapers and metal detailed products, is also at the forefront.

The Power of Multipurpose Rooms and Furniture

We lived in a year when our living spaces were also our offices. Of course, this situation is reflected in home decoration and multi-purpose rooms appear. For example, you can set up a part of your bedroom as a working area, and you can separate a part of your balcony for your hobby.

In addition to areas, multi-purpose furniture will also appear in 2021. Furniture that can be used both as poufs and chests, coffee tables with stools, and many products are ready to help you at home.

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Cozy Areas Thanks to Natural Materials

Products made of natural materials that never lose their popularity are among the decoration trends this year as well.

You can include many details from wooden furniture to knitted rattan furniture and even marble in your home and bring one of the trends of the year to life.

Furniture, parquet, kitchen counter… You can benefit from the reflections of nature in decorative products as well as in these remarkable areas. For example, sand and seashells in a glass vase or a wooden box can contribute to the decoration of your home.

Back to the Past with Vintage Furniture

We will see vintage furniture that goes well with country and classic styles in many homes this year.

Whether vintage or modern, curved furniture is in fashion this year. In the case of vintage seats, we can live a year where camelback seats will declare their return.

Products that Care About Recycling

In addition to natural materials, another sustainable lifestyle trend is to recycle products and make them reusable for different purposes.

Plant Equals Peace

As in the previous years, plants continue to decorate homes in 2021. So, what other trends can you take advantage of when you include lush plants and colorful flowers in your home?

In 2020, it was fashionable to create special spaces to showcase plants. This year, getting help from high stands where you can position the plants will help you create remarkable areas.

It is important to choose the pots suitable for the plants and the area where you will place the plants.

In addition to ceramic pots, pots made of materials such as wood and glass are among the favorites of this year.

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