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A Different Life With TINY HOUSE

A Different Life With TINY HOUSE


Most of our lives are spent in our homes and we all dream of a comfortable home where we can relieve the tiredness of the day. Tiny House, which has been very popular in recent years, allows us to have houses that are very efficient in small spaces. If you want to have a minimalist house that will meet your expectations perfectly and get maximum efficiency with less furniture, you can take a look at the suggestions of the Atmacha team!


What is a Tiny House?

Tiny House expresses minimal and environmentalist living spaces where you can get maximum efficiency with less furniture. These houses, which are especially preferred by those who want to be closer to nature and get away from the city, allow you to bring the peace you find in nature to your home. If you want to design a house in accordance with the Tiny House philosophy, you can start by choosing materials that are compatible with nature and do not harm the environment.


Tiny House Decoration

It is very important to include functional furniture in order to use the space efficiently in Tiny Houses, which are quite small. Armchairs that are minimal in terms of width, wooden detailed armchairs, and simple designed items that make you feel the atmosphere of nature will both help you use your space efficiently and offer a heartwarming look away from clutter.

Small Space Furniture

It is very important that you use functional furniture that takes up little space in kitchen decoration. For this, you can choose kitchen tables that you can mount on the wall and chairs that take up little space made of natural materials.


An Eco-Friendly House

You can also use natural materials in lighting elements to feel the sustainability of nature in every area of the house. You can get a soft look with a simple and functional chandelier or floor lamp. In addition, giving a place to plants in your home, choosing a wicker or jute carpet is indispensable for a peaceful, calm and nature-friendly home design.


If you want to design a house that is comfortable and functional, as well as compatible with nature, inspired by the Tiny House philosophy, you can take a look at!



Curtains, one of the most important complements of decoration, are an indispensable part for kitchens as well as in every area of the house. In order to make this place where we spend most of our time stylish and functional, it is very important to choose the right curtain model. If you want to complete your kitchen decoration with a correct and useful curtain, you can take a look at the suggestions of the Atmacha team.


1. Choose curtains suitable for your space

When choosing a kitchen curtain, you should take care to choose a model suitable for the area of use. If you have a small kitchen, you can choose curtains in light tones that will make your space look wider than it is. If you want to have a softer look, you can use soft cut curtains. In kitchens with large areas, you can turn to slightly more eye-catching designs. For this, you can choose shirred curtain models and add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.


2. Take advantage of daylight

As in many areas of the house, it is very important to make enough use of daylight in the kitchen. You can make the time you spend in this area much more productive by choosing tulle curtains that will both illuminate your space in a natural way and add elegance to your decoration style with its soft appearance.


3. Choose functional designs

For a hygienic and safe kitchen design, choosing a dirt-proof and easy-to-clean zebra blind or roller blind will provide you with great convenience. Zebra curtains, which are especially suitable for short distances above the kitchen counter, are also very sensitive to heat.


4. Bring movement to your kitchen

You can choose patterned curtains for a fun and lively kitchen design. Especially the fruit patterns that overlap with the kitchen theme will make the cooking and preparation process enjoyable and will allow you to get an inspiring kitchen design.


5. Complete your style with rustic curtains

Rustic curtains with wood, metal and brass details will be the right choice for those who want to add a sophisticated air to their kitchen. These curtain models, which are preferred especially in summer houses and country houses, will allow you to create an original style with their natural look. Rustic curtain, which is generally preferred in country decoration style, is also an indispensable piece for modern kitchen decorations.



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