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7 Things to Do When You’re at Home

7 Things to Do When You’re at Home

Catch up on the awesome new movies you missed

Yes, 2020 was a movie year like no other. And we're sure there are tons of movies you haven't seen from the past year. Why hold on? Check out the movies you missed!

Make your own cocktail at home

There’s something therapeutic about taking the time to make a quality cocktail at home. We’re talking about the kind of sipper that requires a handful of ice, a cocktail shaker, a dusty bottle from your drinks cabinet and maybe even a swish of citrus. 

Get clued up to some really, really great new music

Give a chance to music that you have never been interested in before and you never thought you would listen to. Because it always feels good to find quality music to suit every mood.

Get a book club going with pals

For many, 2020 was a year that saw them develop a new, deeper relationship with books – or rediscover a passion for reading that the treadmill of commuting, work and regular daily life had slowly eroded. Time and again we’ve heard of friends and colleagues spending more hours than ever escaping from day-to-day reality via the pages of a great read. And what better way to revel in your literary discoveries than over Zoom with pals?

May the northern lights be in your home

Just because you’re stuck at home, doesn't mean you have to miss out on some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders. Thanks to, you can now live-stream the Northern Lights straight into your front room.

Clear out some stuff – and give it away to charity

To improve the quality of the time you spend in your home, you can clean and donate your unused and in good condition items to charities by putting them aside. You can make both you and other people happy.

Bake a quarantine cake

Some people prefer to eat during this period, some people prefer to cook. If you are also close to the second option, then you may want to make your own quarantine cake during the quarantine period.

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