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7 Best Movies to Watch in Autumn

7 Best Movies to Watch in Autumn

When Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally meet while attending the University of Chicago together, but only after graduation, while driving to New York in the same car. They chat for a long time on the way and come to the conclusion that 'men and women cannot be just friends'. Arriving in New York, the two live their own lives, but they meet and talk to each other about what's going on. One day, Harry broke up with his wife and Sally broke up with his girlfriend, and when they meet, a good friendship begins between them. The two will make great efforts not to fall in love with each other anymore.

Garden State

Andrew Largeman is a television actor trying to succeed. Having taken control of Andrew's emotions, his psychiatrist father is convinced that he somehow caused his mother's death. After receiving the news of her mother's death, she begins to see exactly what life is after she quits the medications her father and doctor recommended. After getting the feelings he had hoped to feel for a long time, he meets a young girl battling her own problems and begins a relationship...



Autumn In New York

Will Keane, one of New York's most recognizable figures, is a handsome man that women cannot resist. He has seduced many women. Therefore, his name was mentioned with a different person every night.

One day, she meets Charlotte Fielding, who is eager to have a relationship with an older man. Keane saw a spark in Charlotte that he had never seen in any woman before. How will these two people, who have very different expectations from each other, taste the happiness of coming together?


October Sky

A young man named Homer Hickam, who lives in the town of Coalwood, seems to have no choice but to pursue his father's profession, mining. But with the launch of the satellite Sputnik into space in October 1957, Homer takes a keen interest in rockets and how they're made. He decides to experiment with his three friends by trial and error.
Everyone in the town, especially his father, thinks this is nonsense. Only a high school teacher respects their efforts and hard work and convinces them that they can win the grand prize at the National Science Competition.

Dead Poets Society

The Welton Academy of the '50s is a serious, disciplined school with a high reputation in academic circles. The conservative and orthodox attitudes of the school administration make the school boring and overwhelming for students. But things change a lot when the new English teacher, John Keating, is appointed to the school.


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