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6 Tips for a Cool and Extraordinary Kid's Room

6 Tips for a Cool and Extraordinary Kid's Room

Today's children, born in the middle of the digitalized world, prefer rooms that reflect their characters and have style instead of those classic tinsel children's rooms. Be sure to take a look at our cool and extraordinary nursery room suggestions that will inspire parents who are looking for new children's room decoration with the opening of schools!

Plan the decoration around a story

No matter how old your child is, before you start decorating his room, determine a story or a decoration theme by asking your child's opinion. Because if you proceed through a story or theme while decorating the children's room, the general integrity of the room will not be disturbed even if you add decorative objects and items to the room at different times. Space theme, nature theme or a theme about fantasy heroes, which you can choose according to your child's interests and spirit, are worth trying not only in terms of aesthetics, but also because it triggers his curiosity and imagination.

Free the walls from mediocrity

Just like other parts of the house, nursery walls need a little design touch. Therefore, when decorating your child's room, you can choose a blackboard effect paint on a wall; You can create a gallery wall that you will prepare with the photos and images he chose, or you can use cool metal wall accessories on the walls.

Use wooden objects

Unfortunately, children growing up in big metropolises do not have the opportunity to interact with nature. That's why you can use wooden furniture and wooden decor elements to bring that calming energy of nature to your child's room. You can also protect your child's health, especially by choosing products made with natural and sustainable wood materials that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Personalize the room to the child's tastes

Every child is a different world with different reactions, different perspectives and different interests! That's why you should analyze your child's soul, interests and curiosities well before getting lost in children's room decoration ideas. For example, if you have a very active child who cannot give up on sports and games, you should leave areas where he can easily release his energy while decorating his room. Or, if your child likes art, painting and colors, a wall decoration where he can easily display his creativity can be extremely beneficial for the child's development.

Take advantage of the power of colors

Luckily, "Girl's room is pink, boy's room is blue." It's been a long time since the cliché was left behind. It's time to use soft color palettes or vibrant contrast colors in children's rooms! If you want to design an extraordinary children's room, first of all, do not be afraid to play with colors. You can use color palettes consisting of pastel colors according to the theme of the room you will design and your child's preference, as well as yellow - black; You can also benefit from strong color contrasts such as green – fuchsia, coral – turquoise.

Create a work corner to spark creativity

It is very difficult for school-age children to study and do homework in the midst of all these stimuli. However, pedagogues state that this problem can be overcome by creating a comfortable, motivating and meeting workspace. You can help your child study more concentratedly by designing a study corner in a corner of the children's room that you will decorate, independent from the rest of the room. In fact, hanging motivational slogans on the wall where the study desk is leaning or preparing a board of your child's goals can completely change his negative view of studying.

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