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6 Important Points to Consider When Buying a Carpet

6 Important Points to Consider When Buying a Carpet

One of the most important points to consider when decorating a place is the choice of carpet. Carpets, which are classified as accessories that complement furniture in decoration, will help you achieve a harmonious atmosphere in living spaces when selected with the right qualities. Considering this information, the choice you will make will help you to have a carpet of better quality and suitable for long-term use. So what should be considered when choosing the right carpet? If you are thinking of buying a new carpet; I recommend that you take a look at the titles I have prepared to make it easier for you to choose.

Usage area

When buying a carpet, you should first decide in which part of your home you will use it. In the living room, living room or bedroom? Because every carpet is different. Moreover, deciding on the area of use will help you choose the color, pattern, size, etc. during the selection of carpets.

Color Selection

The colors that dominate the area where you will use the carpet will allow you to easily decide which color the carpet you will buy should be. You should be careful that your carpet color has tones close to wall paint or other textile products such as curtains. In this way, you can achieve a unity that continues each other. However, you can draw the focal point of the decoration to the carpet by making use of contrast colors. it all depends on the effect you want to create. You can choose light colors to make the space look wider; but if your priority is that the carpet does not reflect the dirt for a long time, you can vote for dark and densely patterned carpets and try to create the perception of width with different perception games.

Pattern Selection

With the most basic rule, you can decide whether you should choose your carpet with or without a pattern, considering your seats. If your seats are plain, you can choose your carpet with a pattern with peace of mind. If the usage area is small, do not forget that carpets with plain patterns or completely without patterns will create a spacious and wide perception.

Yarn Properties

The yarn feature of a carpet gives us information about what kind of texture it has. There are yarn types with different properties such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, wool or polypropylene. The yarn type of the carpet determines many features such as its usage area, being easy to clean, stain-proofing and having a soft or hard texture. For example, polypropylene is preferred mostly outdoors, while polyester is resistant to stains.


Neither too small nor too big! When choosing a carpet, when it comes to determining the size, you should choose carpets that are neither too small nor large enough to cover the entire floor.


After determining the basic points that need to be decided, such as color, pattern, size, while choosing a carpet, you can start doing price research. You can decide in the most accurate way where the most suitable carpet for your budget is by making a market survey about how much the same model carpet you like costs at different sales points.

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