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3 decoration suggestions with Takumi Sofa Bed

3 decoration suggestions with Takumi Sofa Bed

Classical Style Decoration

When we think of decoration, we think of many decoration styles. If you do not want your decoration to get old and you want it to adapt to new trends, classical decoration will be the best option for you.

What are the Important Elements in Classical Style Decoration?

As in every decoration style, architectural details, materials used for flooring and walls, fabrics, plastic elements used in classical decoration also have an important place. If you want to decorate in a classical style, you should pay attention to these basic elements.

The quality you need to pay attention to when choosing furniture and accessories in classical style decoration. Because your high-quality furniture does not get old and is timeless, its lifespan is extended. It will also complement your decoration in terms of aesthetics.

Can Classical Style Decoration Be Plain and Simple?

In general, materials that reflect wealth and luxury are used in furniture used for this style of decoration. For example, we can see elements such as gold leaf, wood carving, flashy and shining stones in classical style decoration.

Although it is associated with ostentatiousness, it has simple and plain aspects in classical style decoration. Classical decoration also diversifies within itself. While you can decorate in classical style with stylish and luxurious furniture, you can also complete the classical decoration with simple and modern furniture.

What Should Be Considered While Making Classical Style Decoration?

Colors, correct material selection, correct positioning of furniture and accessories are important for classical style decoration. In classical style decoration, geometric form is very prominent. If you want to apply the classical style decoration by blending it with other decoration styles, you can soften the lines of the furniture you will use.

The use of color is very important. If you like plain and simplicity, pastel tones will be the most suitable tones for your classic decoration. Since color harmony is also taken into consideration in classical style decoration, the use of vibrant tones with each other or with pastel tones will also create a very pleasant ambiance.

In short, the classical style decoration, which is generally integrated with ostentation, luxury and wealth, can also be in a plain and simple style, away from ostentatiousness. When combined with other decoration styles such as modern style, Scandinavian style and minimalist style, you will design different but happy spaces.

We have come up with a great suggestion for you, those who love classical style decoration. If you want to combine modern and classic, you should meet Atmacha Home's Takumi 3 Seater Sofa Bed. 


Modern Decoration

If you think that the age of the soul is more important than the biological age and you reflect this with what you wear, listen to and say, let us introduce you to a decoration style that will allow you to display this stance in your home: Modern decoration! Alright; What is modern decoration and how is it applied?

What is Modern Decoration?

Decoration is a living phenomenon like us. Modern decoration also colors the houses as a style nourished by innovation. If you have designed your home with modern home decoration, you can be more free to apply decoration trends.

Now let's take a look at what you need to apply modern decoration, which is both stylish and comfortable, and let's tell you the first thing you need to know about modern decoration before explaining how to make modern home decoration. Today, minimalism, the passion for simplicity, is at the forefront in modern decoration.

Passion for Simplicity

Priority in modern decoration, simplicity and minimalism. In this direction, we can say that modern decoration is similar to minimalist decoration. So there is no room for excess in modern decoration either! Now, let's open up the modern decoration a little more.

What Should Be Considered While Making Modern Decoration?

If you are going to apply the minimalist decoration style with the passion of simplicity, it is useful to choose white and chrome colors.

Geometric form is an element that should be preferred by those who dream of modern decoration where simplicity is at the forefront. We recommend choosing small decorative figures as well as the furniture you will use in the room decor.

Fine white covered fabrics in sofa and armchair selection are ideal for applying the passion of simplicity to decoration.

Metallic colors, matte tones and opaque glasses should be preferred for modern home decoration. In the selection of mirrors, geometric forms should be preferred and detailed frames should be avoided.

Self-patterned or striped textures are indispensable details of modern decoration examples.

Furniture with gray, white wood and Panama tones should be combined correctly, taking into account the interior lighting.

Let's talk about lighting. Spotlights and floor lamps, as well as sconce varieties, are very suitable for modern decoration. Thus, you can provide the gray-white balance by highlighting some points in home decoration.
Remember that minimalism is not a lack of attention to detail; minimalist decoration is in the details!

We said that details are important in minimalist decoration. What should be done about decorative accessories? Decorative accessories with obscure geometrical forms, with plain, metallic chrome in the foreground, for example a cat figure consisting of triangles and circles can be used. Decorative accessories should be chosen according to the furniture.

Takumi Seater Sofa Bed Cream for those who cannot give up modern decoration, simplicity and the peace of cream.

Eclectic Decoration

Although it may seem difficult to achieve harmony with contrasts in home decoration, you can create a magical atmosphere in your home by applying some methods. In order to do this, you must bring together the pieces of character, but pay attention to the balance of colors. You should understand the fine line between chaos and contrast and make your choices in this direction. Here are the things you should pay attention to…

Determine Your Tastes

One of the most important features of the eclectic style is that it offers unlimited freedom. If you want to build an eclectic house, you do not have to comply with a certain period or a certain style in decoration. By observing the color balance, you can combine modern pieces with vintage items as you wish.

Compliance is in the Details

Harmony is one of the details you need to pay attention to while bringing together pieces from different periods and styles in an eclectic style. A dining table can create a very nice look with chairs of different models around it, but the different sizes of these chairs can cause a chaotic image in your living room. For this reason, you can at least take care that the chairs are the same size or in similar color tones. The correct placement of the items, the distance of the seats from each other, the fact that the accessories have the same dimensions, even if they are different, are important in an eclectic style.

Make Room for Patterns and Colors

If you want to build an eclectic house unlike other decoration styles, you are free to combine different patterns and colors. However, when buying a new pillow or curtain for your home, try to be planned, avoid crowds and visualize whether the patterns will suit each other.

If you want to apply an eclectic decoration style in your home but have difficulty choosing furniture, you should take a look at the Takumi Seater Sofa Bed models we have chosen for you.


With its clean lines and luxurious look, Takumi offers the utmost comfort with its electric bed mechanism. Finished stylishly with fluted or buttoned detailing on the cushions Takumi 3 Seater Sofa will be the best spot in your house.

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