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FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY on all brand-new products over £500!
2021 Trend Interior Paint and Decor Colors

2021 Trend Interior Paint and Decor Colors

You have decided to paint your walls, maybe because you are moving to a new home, or maybe you need a change or a little renovation in your home. It is very important that the wall color you choose is suitable for the color palette you prefer in home decoration. In addition to these, if you are someone who follows the trends, you can also choose the trendy interior wall colors of the year! Here are the remarkable 2021 wall paint colors:

Ultimate Gray

Gray has been one of the hugely popular colors for several years. The Ultimate Gray, which is a shade of gray and selected one of the 2021 Pantone colors, seems to be abundant on the walls this year.

Illuminating Yellow

Illuminating yellow, another one of the Pantone colors of 2021, is ready for duty to add an energetic atmosphere to homes! You can apply illuminating yellow to a wall or part of your wall if you wish. Including the ultimate gray and illuminating yellow in the same area means applying the 2021 wall colors properly!


Although the years indicated on the calendar change, there is one thing that does not change when it comes to trend colors: the popularity of black. Moreover, black is now used more boldly in home decor than in previous years. If your room is not small, you can choose black color on your walls.


Fog white, which is an ideal choice for those who can not give up the plain and classic look, can be applied to all walls. But if you want a more remarkable look, this color; You can combine it with dark colors such as black, gray, brown on your wall and take an important step for a stylish wall decoration.

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Flamingo Pink

If you are aiming to give your walls a new look by using pastel tones, how would you like to prefer flamingo pink? Flamingo pink, which creates a warm and calming effect, can help you decorate a pleasant room, especially when combined with gray and blue tones. In the meantime, let's not go without saying that you can find some light and dark shades in flamingo pink.

Sky Blue

The sky blue tone, which gives calmness and peace and makes you feel safe, is very suitable for every room of the house, especially bedrooms. If you do not want to use sky blue alone, it is also possible to combine this color with classic blue or dark navy blue tones.

Metallic Colors

Silver, gold, copper… Metallic details are very popular both in furniture and decorative products in recent years. Now it's the walls! Thanks to hobby paints and effect stamps in metal colors, it is possible to create metal reflections on your walls! Let us remind you that you should consider both the wall color and the color palette in the room decoration.

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