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2021 Rugs Trends

2021 Rugs Trends

The most popular carpets of this season are vintage and woolen models. Get ready to capture a warm and nostalgic atmosphere in your homes. 2021 carpet trends are coming. Rugs both make the house more full and are an integral part of the decoration. For this reason, it is important that the selected carpet is compatible with the room it is used in, as well as adapting to the trends of the new season. Models in the 2021 carpet trends have the ability to adapt to almost any decoration. How lucky we are! Brown and white colors are preferred for the carpets where vintage and woolen models stand out. The trend rugs of the season, which add both a modern and simple style to the space where they are used, ensure that the personal style is easily and comfortably reflected in home decoration.

Vintage Rugs

The first carpet that comes to mind when nostalgia is mentioned, vintage carpets. Brings to mind the concept of comfort for this year. 

Mixed Patterned Rugs

Although vintage rugs represent comfort, comfort is not the only concept this year. Mixed patterned rugs are also on this list. Color diversity prevails as much as these patterns. You will encounter contrasting colors in the models.

Wool Carpets

Thanks to its soft texture, wool carpets create a feeling of comfort just like vintage carpets. For this reason, it can be preferred in the bedroom and living room. You can use it with sports and modern furniture.

Waterproof Carpets

It is a fact that carpets make human life easier. If you have pets in your home, you should choose carpets suitable for them. For this reason, waterproof carpets are very suitable. Waterproof carpets, which are among the 2021 trends, can be preferred in kitchens and bathrooms.

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