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2021 Pantone Colors: How to Use Ultimate Gray and Yellow in Home Decoration

2021 Pantone Colors: How to Use Ultimate Gray and Yellow in Home Decoration

Pantone, the company that comes to mind when it comes to color, announced the Pantone color of 2021! In fact, it would be more correct to say Pantone colors, because there are two colors that Pantone recommends to combine this year! The colors chosen by the Pantone Color Institute for 2021 are Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104) and Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647).

Well, how would you like to include these colors, which we can call "ultimate gray" and "bright yellow", together or separately in your home?

We can guess that you like these colors. Then let's start to list our suggestions about 2021 Pantone colors and home decoration, which Pantone interprets as "the union of power and hope", bearing these effects that we need so much in our living spaces due to the pandemic that surrounds the world.

Who can say "No" to a colorful wall decoration?

As you know, it is very popular to create moving reflections in wall decoration and to design remarkable walls. The products that will help you in this regard are the paint stamps!

You can paint the floor of a wall in one of the ultimate gray or illuminating colors and apply the Pantone color you do not use on it with paint stamps. Of course, at this stage, the color palette you prefer in-home decoration is also very important


In addition to the paint stamps, you can also consider the geometric paint that has been used in many living areas in recent years. In addition to gray and yellow, you can choose another color that matches the color palette and create a colorful wall!

Marks of 2021 Pantone trends in sofa sets!

Gray is one of the most preferred colors in home decoration. We know that there are people who cannot give up gray, especially in sofa sets.

If you already have a gray sofa, you can buy yellow pillows and combine these two trendy colors. You may even get a yellow armchairs if you need it.

Another option would be to apply a wallpaper with a concentration of yellow tones on the wall behind the gray sofa. Maybe you use these colors in your carpets or rugs? We think it's a good idea.

If you do not have gray seats and you think it will not be bad to renew the seats, of course, you can buy a sofa set in gray and yellow tones.

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Tables and frames are ready to help bring trends to your walls!

One of the alternatives that can be preferred by those who want to make wall decoration more active in an effortless way is of course paintings. You can buy a painting with the ultimate gray and bright yellow and hang it on your wall.

Frames, indispensable for walls, are also ready for duty! You can keep up with the trends by purchasing new frames or painting your existing frames with hobby paints in 2021 Pantone colors.

Of course, apart from frames, you can also get help from decorative products such as trinkets and candle holders and place the objects you choose in a suitable place in your home.

Living room, bedroom, study room, bathroom, kitchen… You need organizing accessories in every area of your home.

For example, if you want to buy a storage box, you can choose an alternative that includes the popular colors of the year, and if you need set-top bathroom accessories, you can choose products in gray and yellow tones that offer vividness and elegance together.

Add color to your home with textile products!

Your bed linen in your bedroom, your towel in the bathroom… These may seem like small details when considering home decoration, but you should remember that details are very important for a stylish home decoration.

You can catch popular elegance by including 2021 Pantone colors in textile products.

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