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2020 Wall Decoration Trends

2020 Wall Decoration Trends

Our home is where you feel the most comfortable and peaceful! In order to make your time at home more beautiful, the decoration style you can choose according to your taste is of great importance. Now, in 2020, we will share with you the wall decoration suggestions that you can use in many areas of your home, change your living space with small touches, and explain how to make wall decorations in line with the trends. So let's start!

1- Wallpapers

Floral pattern wallpapers will bring nature to your home in a realistic way. Nature theme in wallpapers, which are among the trends of 2019, is one of the remarkable details of 2020. But what if you don't want to include a wallpaper that reflects nature in your home? In this case, you can include wood when decorating the house.

For example, a television unit back, which you can create on the wall with the help of wooden shelves or parquets, can allow you to apply trends in style.

If you think that floral pattern wallpapers are not suitable for the home decoration you apply, you can use another wall decoration geometric pattern or stone look wallpaper.

2- Wall Painting

2020 decoration colors allow you to reflect the nature on your walls, while also helping you to create a colorful living space. In addition to the classic blue with 2020 Pantone color, we will frequently see gray, pastel pink and green and earth tones on the walls. Of course, in addition to these colors.

3- Wall Decoration

One of the biggest changes of this year is undoubtedly the replacement of minimalism to maximalism. Of course, this change is also reflected in the wall decoration. We will see Crowded walls this year! So how can you decorate your walls in this direction?

With frames, it's always nice to make a small Instagram page in your home. frames are a good option for you to display family pictures and create a beautiful corner. When decorating your walls with frames in your home, you need to pay attention in line with the 2020 wall decoration trends. It should be noted that besides wooden frames, metal frames in colors such as gold, silver, rose gold is also very popular.

The mirror is a beautiful room decoration besides its functionality. Thanks to the decorative mirrors that you can position on the wall, it will both look beautiful and make the room look large.

Other suggestions for its walls: paintings. When choosing a painting, you should take care to choose products that will create integrity with the decoration style you apply.

If you have preferred a densely patterned wallpaper on your walls or applied wall paint, then it may be healthier to stand for simplicity in the objects you will use.

4- Plants

Plants are now more visible, more in the foreground! The fact that the plants you place on the coffee table or even on the floor are on the walls can be said to be the most pleasant decoration trend of this year. You can also get help from decorative shelves to position your plants on the wall. In the meantime, you can choose natural wood look shelves to achieve a natural look.

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