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10 tricks to make your bedroom look luxurious

10 tricks to make your bedroom look luxurious

A touch of style that only looks luxurious is possible in your room. As with so many other things in life, it's all in the details. Here are 10 ways to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, any of which won't break your budget.


Okay, this tip is not an accessory or an object, but it is the most important step to take if you want a room that looks great. You don't see gorgeous messy bedrooms on Pinterest, do you? A dirty or messy room will never look luxurious or even attractive, no matter how much you spend on your furniture. So clean up the clutter. A luxury-looking space has just that. Get rid of anything that isn't necessary, disliked, or fabulous.

Pay special attention to your floors. Luxury rooms are not storage areas for unused exercise equipment, piles of unread books, or folded clothes.


One of the easiest ways to add special flair to your bedroom is to add a beautiful organizer or tray to the top of your dresser or nightstand. It actually doesn't have to be expensive. Find a beautiful tray, spray it with a coat of gold or silver metallic spray paint, and only you know it didn't come from a premium store.

Use your tray to keep otherwise scattered items on your dresser, such as jewelry, perfume bottles, or small collectibles. Instantly your bedroom looks a little more stylish.

A touch or two of plants is a must-have in the luxury bedroom. You can use live plants and cut flowers. Take out your prettiest vase and fill it with a fragrant bouquet of cut flowers for your nightstand. You can place a lush plant in a ceramic or metal container (try the fern.) You can't kill easy houseplants like ivy or dracaena. Place the plant on your dresser. It not only improves the appearance of your bedroom, but also helps to clean the air.


Do you want a bedroom that looks luxurious? Throw out the cheap ceiling fixture and replace it with a stylish pendant lamp. Small chandelier, pendant or drum shaded luminaire – the choice of lighting is yours.

Make sure the light scales to the rest of your bedroom and complements your other furniture.


A thick, luxurious blanket adds instant style to your bed. Choose a blanket made of pile wool, velvet, silk, velvet or even faux fur. Do not use patterns; It can be a solid color, an animal print, or a subtle design. Now your bedroom looks beautiful and your toes are warmer at night.


It is surprising that even an ordinary room can take on an air of luxury with the addition of moldings. They are ready for sale. Depending on your level of DIY experience, you may get real patterns that need to be cut, painted and nailed into place.


Add flair to your bedroom with a statement piece that says, “Yes, this room belongs to someone special.” This could be a great piece of art on your headboard, a beautiful collectible on your dresser, or an antique duvet on your bed or an unstyled area rug for lounging.


Bedrooms with small windows rarely look luxurious. If that's your case, add a little more room by raising the curtains. When the curtain rod is installed just an inch or two below the ceiling line and the curtains hang down to the floor, the entire room suddenly not only looks bigger, it also looks more elegant.


If your bedroom furniture has passed its heyday for a decade (or more) or doesn't seem particularly luxurious, you have two options: buy new furniture (the expensive option) or update what you already have (the inexpensive option). And in fact, one of the easiest ways to add a touch of "luxury" to your furniture without spending a lot of money is with a new upholstery.

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