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10 most interesting houses in the world

10 most interesting houses in the world

Have you ever thought about the points where house designs can go in our world where architecture has developed so much? Throughout history, people have considered and lived in many different places as homes, from caves to huts, from castles to apartments. When we look at the house designs in the world, it is possible to find examples of house designs similar to these places today. There are many reasons that push people to different house designs. Some people have to get creative due to physical constraints such as small or limited space, while others do so simply because they are looking for different home designs.

If you think you're looking for some inspiration for your future home designs or just wondering about the weird homes some people own, this post is for you. Would you choose to live in an old church or a renovated water tower? How about living in the smallest house in the world or in a cave? Take a look at the list of the most unique homes in the world to help you find the answers to these questions.

Transparent House in Japan

If you have nothing to hide, you can try spending a few nights in the see-through house in Tokyo, Japan. Designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, the 914-square-metre transparent house was inspired by people living in prehistoric nature. At that time, people living in tree hollows lived together with each other and nature in transparency in nature.

Skateboarding House in the USA

The dreams of skateboarders who want to bring their tracks home, have finally come true. In addition to being a traditional house, the skateboard house is the first house designed entirely for them. Inside the house, you can slide into the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Built in Malibu, California to fulfill skateboarders' dreams, you can skate indoors and out in this house.

Keret House in Poland

Keret House is a residential building and art facility located in Warsaw, Poland. Architect Jakub Szczęsny designed the Keret house, the narrowest house in the world. This house, which has interesting design features, measures 92 cm at its thinnest point and 152 cm at its widest point, making it the narrowest house in the world.

Old Water Tower in Belgium

A 100-meter water tower in Belgium was used to hide from the Nazis during the war, but was later radically converted into a living space. There are houses in Belgium with many different designs. This house is one of them. The famous design studio BHAM, which designed the house, has transformed the old water tower into a livable modern and comfortable house with its gifted designers.

Home of the Flintstones in the USA

Did you know that somewhere in the world, there is a house inspired by the house of the Flintstones, one of the most important cartoons of our childhood and fans all over the world? The Flintstones' version of their real-world home features a bedroom, two bathrooms, and a fireplace. Windows that offer views of the Serrano Valley, the Boney Mountains, the Channel Islands and the Pacific Ocean, as well as the sunset, add to the enjoyment of the house.

1 Square Meters House in Germany

Having spent most of his life as a refugee and forced to live in social housing, Mentzel built the world's smallest house, one with only one square metre. Thanks to its rotating mechanism, the house can be used both vertically and horizontally. Composed of a wooden frame, sliding window and a lockable door, the house weighs just 40 kilograms and has wheels. Therefore, it can be easily moved to the desired location. This very minimal living space can also be placed inside a house and used as a private space.

House with Slides in Japan

Even if you are an adult, you will not be able to control yourself when you see the photos of the House with Slides in Japan! Designed around a three-story high slide, this 1,762 square meter house is located in Tokyo. You can go down to all floors of the house with a single slide. Accessed by a staircase to the other side, this unique house was designed by Level Architects for a couple with three young children who want their children to have lifelong joyful memories.

Stone House in Portugal

Although it looks like a big rock, this house in Portugal actually has a door, chimney and window. Unlike millions of other houses, this house was not actually built, but rather set in stone. The exact history of the construction of the house is unknown.


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