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10 benefits of cooking with your child

10 benefits of cooking with your child


Did you know that cooking with your child enhances both physical and mental development?  Roll out the dough with it and make pancakes together.  The time you spend together in the kitchen will return to your child as cognitive and motor skills.  At the same time, one of the ways to strengthen your relationship is to go back to the kitchen.


As a child, you baked cookies with your mother or baked a cake and kneaded dough.  You probably didn't realize you were improving your life skills while doing these.


Increases language development

You can improve your child's vocabulary with the ingredients you use while cooking. While cooking, share each step in detail with your child and ask them to explain what they are doing so that they can express themselves. You can guess the next step or the material to be added to learn at a better level and turn the situation into a little more game.


Improves fine motor skills

Mixing ingredients, kneading dough and cutting cookie molds and cookies are one of the best ways to increase a child's fine motor skills, control and attention.  You can help him develop these skills further by letting him pour the ingredients slowly into a bowl or mix the ingredients quickly.


Improves math

Cooking is a matter of measurement.  Your children will learn about measurements such as tea glasses, teaspoons, and tablespoons.  They will also have the opportunity to learn fractions while improving their addition and subtraction skills.  If you ask any math teacher, they'll tell you to cook with your kids to help improve basic math skills.


Improves reading skills

While cooking with your kids, have them read the recipes.  For young children, start with numbers like "2 cups flour" and "4 tablespoons butter".  For older kids, have them read each step, then follow the instructions.  This also helps improve reading comprehension.


Introducing children to scientific concepts

Cooking takes a lot of science.  Children learn what happens when certain components are mixed together, what happens when the measurements are wrong.


Increasing focus and attention

When cooking, children need to stay focused and pay attention to every detail, otherwise the recipes will not be completed correctly.  Cooking is a delicate task, and if even a step is missed, the product will not come out correctly.  Kids will quickly learn that if they want to eat that cake at the end, they need to be careful!


Teaches life skills

Cooking is a skill required to become an independent adult.  Children can learn to make their own sandwiches, pour milk into their glass or use the microwave at an early age.  Older children can learn to cook for themselves and their families.  This will enable them to become more independent and responsible individuals.  Cooking also teaches your kids a variety of safety lessons, such as not touching a hot item or the correct use of knives.


Supports healthy eating

Letting children cook helps them learn which foods are healthy and which are not.  On the other hand, it allows them to try new foods.  It encourages them to move towards what is healthy at home rather than the unhealthy options out there.  If you are a fastidious parent about healthy food, we recommend you to turn to cast iron pots and pans.


Increases self-confidence

A child feels pride and confidence when they are able to successfully complete a recipe and prepare a meal.  Additionally, as children cook more, their level of independence increases, which helps their self-esteem rise.


Most importantly: strengthens family ties

Cooking is something that the whole family can enjoy.  Have a Sunday dinner routine every week or create your own pizza nights.  Cooking together as a family will create a bonding experience.


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